Uzbek oil and gas company reduces maintenance costs at its Kashkadarya and Kruk fields

Energy Materials 14 September 2022 13:43
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Uzbek oil and gas company reduces maintenance costs at its Kashkadarya and Kruk fields

Uzbekistan’s Sanoat Energetika Guruhi (SEG) oil and gas company reduced maintenance costs at its Kashkadarya and Kruk oil and gas fields, via the use of cutting-edge closed pressure oil technology, Trend reports via SEG’s press service.

The new technology is a closed pressure oil gathering system which has significantly reduced the cost of maintaining and repairing equipment.

“This cutting-edge oil collection system is used by world leaders in oil production. But in Uzbekistan, we are the first company to implement this solution at two sites, and it yields significant benefits. We stop purchasing raw materials from external suppliers, the system reduces the energy costs for the pumps, and - most significantly - there is reduced corrosion of equipment via the presence of oxygen in the system. Our analytics showed the previous system required two full replacements of pipelines per year. At the Kruk field, 137 pipeline failures per year were recorded - an average of 18 per month. After switching to a pumpless system, this will decrease by 2.5 times,” Executive Director of SEG Tulkin Yusupov said.

Using the technology, the oily liquid is collected using a closed pumpless system, in which the extracted oil moves through a hermetically sealed pipeline system without contact with the atmosphere.

This prevents the transported liquid from having direct contact with oxygen. In turn, this reduces the corrosion rate of pipelines to almost zero. All associated gas is collected at a single point and separated from oil without loss. Previously, it was simply flared, but now approximately five tons per day is spent on heating furnaces at oil treatment facilities instead.

The first system was introduced by SEG in June 2021 at its Northern Urtabulak field, also located in the Kashkadarya region. In September 2022, the very latest version of the system has been introduced at the company’s Kruk field.

The reconstruction of facilities is part of SEG’s capital expenditure program for fixed assets. The cost of the project was over 12 billion soums ($1 million). SEG plans to deploy the system in other fields with excessive corrosion rates.