Austria considers Central Asia promising for energy supply diversification - MFA

Energy Opinion 19 January 2023 09:27
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Austria considers Central Asia promising for energy supply diversification - MFA

Austria is very much interested in diversifying its energy supplies and considers Central Asian countries promising partners in this regard, Gabriele Juen, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria told Trend.

"Kazakhstan is for many years an important energy partner of Austria. Some 40 percent of Austrian oil imports come from Kazakhstan. Currently, Central Asia is seeking to diversify its export routes, including to Europe. We follow these developments with much interest," she said.

According to the spokesperson, the EU as a whole is interested in these options. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is, for instance, about to carry out a study examining the options for the so-called Middle Corridor.

Renewable energy is clearly an area of particular interest to Austria, also in contact with Central Asian partners, she added, noting that there are, of course, already ongoing projects.

"Austrian companies are also very active in the sector of hydroelectric power. In general, we hope that we can further intensify our cooperation in the area of renewable energy and environmental technology, and we understand that there is tangible interest among Central Asia countries," Juen said.

Overall, Austria eyes boosting economic cooperation with Central Asian countries in the coming years.

"We will try to sound out together with our Central Asian partners where we could do more. Renewable energy, environment technology, the health and food sector, and also digitalization are among those areas where we hope to advance our cooperation and exchange with the Central Asian region," she concluded.