UK backs Azerbaijan on Black Sea energy cable project, may provide maritime security

Energy Materials 28 January 2023 11:26
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
UK backs Azerbaijan on Black Sea energy cable project, may provide maritime security

Azerbaijan's exports of green electricity to Europe will further strengthen the country's role of the European energy market, Fergus Auld, UK Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told Trend.

"Azerbaijan is already making a significant contribution to Europe's energy security through its supply of natural gas via the Southern Gas Corridor. Exporting green energy will further strengthen Azerbaijan's role in Europe's energy market and offer an opportunity for the country to enter the European electricity market," he said.

According to the ambassador, the UK welcomes all the actions taken by Azerbaijan in this direction, including the agreement signed with Georgia, Hungary and Romania to build an underwater cable under the Black Sea.

In this regard, the UK’s role as a net maritime security provider in the Black Sea should help provide an enabling environment for this, Auld said.

He noted that the UK is actively sharing the experience to help Azerbaijan develop a thriving clean energy sector, which will support Azerbaijan's plans to export green energy to Europe through the government-to-government energy transition working group and MoU on clean energy transition.

For example, as Auld said, last month an energy transition conference was hosted, with presence of leading UK companies with strong clean energy capabilities to exchange views with Azerbaijani side on the development of the country's clean energy sector.

"We have also organized a series of experience-sharing webinars for the Ministry of Energy and other energy partners on offshore wind, hydrogen, contracts for difference, integrating renewables into grids and energy innovation zones. Ofgem, the UK's energy market regulator, has shared best practice with Azerbaijan's Energy Regulatory Agency on network regulation, energy reforms, unbundling and green tariffs," the ambassador added.