Iran's resumes operation of fourth unit of Dez Dam power plant

Energy Materials 31 May 2021 13:39
Teheran, Iran Trend News Agency
Iran's resumes operation of fourth unit of Dez Dam power plant

Managing Director of Iran`s Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company (KREC) Mahmoud Dasht-e-Bozorg said the fourth unit of the Dez Dam power plants, which had been stopped for optimization since 2017, opened again.

A total of 58 percent reduction in electricity generation of hydroelectric power plants has caused a 50 percent reduction in the production capacity of the total power plants in the province, Mahmoud Dasht-e-Bozorg said Trend reports citing IRNA.

Referring to the activity of thermal power plants in the province, he said that a number of thermal power plants in Ramin and Zargan cities of Ahvaz are being repaired.

He expressed hope that these power plants will be operated by the end of June.

Referring to the methods of managing electricity consumption, Dasht Bozorg says that electricity consumption management should be done in all sectors, including industrial, commercial and household sectors.

He announced that last week, a meeting was held with the presence of representatives of high-consumption industries.

“A memorandum of understanding was signed regarding saving energy consumption during peak period.”

He said that 80 percent of Khuzestan's electricity consumption is for cooling appliances.

Asking subscribers to manage electricity consumption, he added that out of 8,500 MW of electricity consumed in Khuzestan Province, over 6,000 MW is consumed by air conditioners.