Azerbaijan shows remarkable economic and industrial development - US expert

Finance Analytics 2 August 2022 17:27
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Azerbaijan shows remarkable economic and industrial development - US expert

Azerbaijan, at a global level, has shown a remarkable economic and industrial development, Peter Tase, US expert, strategic adviser on international affairs and public diplomacy to governments, universities, and corporations in Europe and the Americas, told Trend.

He noted that this impressive trend occurs thanks to the following:

1. President Ilham Aliyev has embraced democratic institutions, government accountability, transparency, strengthened rule of law;

2. Baku has shown outstanding results that are generated when the government is run by genuine patriots and humble public servants;

3. Renewable energy sector and strategic public works projects are generating wealth among the average citizens of Azerbaijan;

4. While a few large nations are seriously affected by recession and inflation, overwhelmed by a decayed society without moral values, Azerbaijan has plenty to show and teach the entire world on how to achieve economic growth despite of public health turmoil and environmental management obstacles.

Tase noted that the world must look carefully at the example of Azerbaijan's Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan.

“Nakhchivan is the world’s number one territory with the highest number of hydroelectric plants and solar plants per capita; and has emerged as an exceptional model on how to use renewable energy resources and improve the lives of its hard working citizens. Azerbaijan is a marvelous country with macroeconomic indicators that generate wealth and prosperity for the entire region,” he said.

He also added that Azerbaijan foreign policy and diplomatic corps play an important role to promote foreign investments in Azerbaijan and economic development of the country would not be complete without a full integration of strategic initiatives that encompass the foreign service of Azerbaijan.

“History has shown that Azerbaijan has shaped an avant-garde foreign policy with top notch negotiators and diplomats that are always working hard to promote the economic growth of Azerbaijan and defend environmental protection policies across the region. Azerbaijan foreign policy is vital to the nation’s progress and economic growth, including the impressive large infrastructure projects that are taking place in Azerbaijan thanks to a dynamic cadre of diplomats working hand in glove under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev,” he concluded.