EU helps Kyrgyz people to successfully launch businesses

Finance Materials 30 August 2022 13:35
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
EU helps Kyrgyz people to successfully launch businesses

The EU is helping Kyrgyz people from rural areas to successfully launch businesses since September 2021, the source in the Delegation of the EU to Kyrgyzstan told Trend.

Within the framework of Sanarip Insan (Digital Citizen) project, the EU assists Kyrgyz people to receive the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully launch economic activities on digital platforms, digital wallets, marketplaces, and advanced IT-enabled entrepreneurial skills.

As a result of the training, participants are expected to attract investments for their IT start-ups.

"We provide digital skills to youth and women living in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan. The Sanarip Insan team is organizing information events to increase the level of digital literacy, conducting joint initiatives with representatives of the digital economy and government agencies to train young people to work in digital platforms in the e-government, e-commerce and digital economy sectors," the EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan said

The main feature of the project is the application of new technologies in the daily activities of the communities in rural areas. For example, if women in villages produce handicraft products, the project team can help them find an appropriate way to sell the goods through online marketplaces.

"If a young entrepreneur plans to provide transportation services in their own village, we can advise and train them on how to use the shared taxi platforms. Or if a family/community wants to host tourists in their village, the project can help with the marketing of services online to attract international and domestic travelers," the EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan added.

Meanwhile, the project, which is expected to finish on March 31, 2024, is funded by the EU and implemented by Civil Society Organizations such as the European Neighbourhood Council (Belgium) and the Internet Society-Kyrgyz Chapter (Kyrgyzstan).