Azerbaijan making colossal work for revival of Karabakh - Swiss traveler

Finance Materials 8 September 2022 16:35
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Azerbaijan making colossal work for revival of Karabakh - Swiss traveler

Azerbaijan is making colossal work for revival of Karabakh, Swiss businessman, former delegate and cultural program coordinator in the public relations department at the UN office in Geneva, Yves Bouvie told Trend.

"I’m very impressed with the beauty of Shusha city, and especially surprised at how quickly the road was built. This is my first trip to Azerbaijan. Earlier I was in Baku and today I’m in Karabakh. I also paid attention to the destructions and vandalism committed by Armenians," Bouvie said.

He was horrified by the current situation with mines, which were planted by Armenian armed forces in all previously occupied Azerbaijani lands.

“It’s very sad to understand that people can do this. The way Azerbaijan quickly clears the territories of mines is also commendable. I hope that Azerbaijan will completely solve this problem soon,” the guest noted.

Bouvie also added that he will film several videos of his trip to tell people about Karabakh.

The trip of famous travelers from more than 20 countries to Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur began on September 8. The delegation is led by Charles Veley, the founder of the US MTP (Most Traveled People) Club, which is one of the four largest travel clubs in the world.