Weekly review of main events in Azerbaijan's ICT sector

Finance Materials 19 September 2022 09:57
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Weekly review of main events in Azerbaijan's ICT sector

Last week it became known Azerbaijan may become an ICT hub in the South Caucasus region, Trend reports.

The development strategy of Azerbaijan until 2026 provides for the development of the IT infrastructure of the country. Work is underway to train IT, specialists, invest in projects and support this ecosystem. In addition, activities are being carried out to attract international experience and expertise to Azerbaijan and conditions are also being created for the relocation of foreign companies to Azerbaijan.

Moreover, Azerbaijan's rapidly advancing information technology (IT) is overtaking neighboring countries, particularly some of the former Soviet states. The country is focused on proven and reliable technologies through using foreign experience at optimal costs. At the same time, the key points in development are highlighted in such a way that foreign experience is mostly used. IT specialists are adopting world expertise and applying it both in technologies and approaches to organization and implementation of projects, development of infrastructure, and building support for the IT landscape. Azerbaijan's applying foreign experience doesn't negate its success in developing its own ideas and innovations, especially in education, technological innovations, and intellectual property.

Last week payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay were launched in Azerbaijan, as well as plans to launch Samsung Pay and PayPal, which will significantly expand the offer of e-commerce services. These solutions make it possible to simplify and speed up payments for goods and services, as well as increase their security. Furthermore, the range of areas in which e-commerce will contribute to a new stage of development is truly limitless, including transport, logistics, retail, services, the social sphere and many others.

Also, the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) in Azerbaijan can first all be used in industry and manufacturing by applying conveyor and assembly processes. The Industry 4.0 approach doesn’t focus on any particular area, and it can be applied in various industries.

Besides, last week it was reported that free Internet access has been provided on regular bus routes No. 18, 65 and 85 of the carrier Xalig Faigoglu LLC. Such service has also been commissioned on regular routes of BakuBus LLC.