Azerbaijan takes major steps to move from oil industry to technology

Finance Materials 22 September 2022 10:13
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Azerbaijan takes major steps to move from oil industry to technology

Azerbaijan is taking major steps to move from the oil industry to technology, the head of several business accelerators and international innovation centers in Israel Tal Catran told Trend.

"This becomes apparent in many acceleration programs that are being opened up as well as in the growth of the startup ecosystem," he said.

Catran noted that he has been involved in Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem for some years.

"I want to help and support as much as I can in all the aspects including the international networking, as well as bring people from the outside so that they get acquainted with opportunities that Azerbaijan faces at this important moment," he added.

Catran informed that he recently visited Shusha city.

"I visited Azerbaijan more than 20 times, but this visit was special. We visited Shusha with a group of international experts from Lithuania, Germany, Britain, Dubai, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to learn more, of course, about the conflict, as well as the victory of Azerbaijan in liberating Karabakh. And I must say that the visit to Shusha was emotional and very educational, it gave me and the rest of the experts, the opportunity to learn more about the distinctiveness of Shusha and its importance in culture," he added.

Catran also pointed out the uniqueness of Fuzuli International Airport.

"On the way to Shusha, we stopped in Fuzuli city, where we got acquainted with the new airport. The fact that the airport was built in less than a year can rightfully be considered a world record," he said.