UK names its top partners for co-op from Central Asia

Finance Materials 2 January 2023 09:14
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
UK names its top partners for co-op from Central Asia

The UK considers Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan as its most promising partners in Central Asia, Kenan Poleo, HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, told Trend.

"I oversee trade work across 14 countries across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Recent data shows a 44 billion pounds trading relationship between the UK and these 14 countries. Central Asia is a key part of our success. That’s why we’ve recently invested more trade resources into Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan where think there is scope to do even more," he said.

Moreover, as the trade commissioner noted, increasing the capacity of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR), which is one of the major transport routes in Central Asia, is a priority for the UK government for diversifying supply routes from East to West.

According to the trade commissioner, the TITR, also known as the Middle Corridor, is important for the region's economy.

Poleo pointed out that this requires joint efforts of the Trans-Caspian route countries, and the UK is ready to provide the required support whether it is related to digitization or capacity building for the ports, helping secure financing, engaging the private sector, or helping optimize railways operations.