Uzbekistan, Japan enhance collaboration in education

Finance Materials 6 January 2023 17:03
Tashkent, Uzbekistan Uza
Uzbekistan, Japan enhance collaboration in education

Representatives of Japan visited Karakul district in October-December 2022 and developed several projects, UzA reports.

In accordance with the mutual agreement, two consultant teachers from Japan arrived in Karakul to exchange experience in education, introduce advanced pedagogical technologies of Japan.

They discussed with the mathematics teachers of secondary school No. 1 the effectiveness of activities, methods for the formation of logical thinking, ways to develop students’ interest in mathematics and the ability to apply mathematical knowledge in everyday life. The experts also shared information about the Japanese education system with all school principals in the district.

Classes were organized on the development of managerial skills, effective management methods. The parties discussed existing problems in the education system and ways to solve them. A training workshop was organized.

“After arriving from Japan in Uzbekistan, I conducted workshops and research work on three topics”, says Mathematics Professor Hisao Shimomachi. – On the first topic, a workshop was held for teachers of mathematics about the experience of teaching this subject in Japan. On the second topic, a training session in mathematics was held for Uzbekistan youth, on the third topic, a scientific and practical workshop was organized on the school management system for teachers and deputy directors of general educational institutions.

At the same time, at the English lesson in secondary school No. 15, during an online lesson organized via videoconference, teachers got acquainted with the teaching methods of the younger generation in Japan. A teaching aid for teachers was developed jointly with Japanese experts based on the results of the trip to further improve the quality of education in schools of the region and, in general, throughout the country.