Deloitte marks 3 ways to keep sustainable role of natural gas

Gas Analytics 22 September 2022 11:30
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency Leman Zeynalova
Deloitte marks 3 ways to keep sustainable role of natural gas

Sustainable role of natural gas can be provided in three ways: assuring secure natural gas supply; deployment of best available technologies in reduction of methane emissions; development of CCUS, Behrang Shirizadeh, PhD Manager at Deloitte Economic Advisory, said, Trend reports.

He was addressing the Romanian International Gas Conference, organized by the Romanian Oil and Gas Employers' Federation (FPPG).

Shirizadeh noted that CCUS technology can unlock the potential of lowcarbon solutions; enable negative emissions; provide sustainable and low-carbon e-fuels.

“Hydrogen’s long-term contribution to net-zero is not affected by the current energy crisis Hydrogen is key for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors. By 2050 60 percent of the maritime demand, 35 percent of the aviation demand as e-fuel will be provided by hydrogen and more than 13 million trucks and buses will run on hydrogen. By 2050, European hydrogen imports will reach 20 MtH2 to 25 MtH2,” he noted.

Shirizadeh went on to add that €300 to €450 billion will be invested before 2035 in the European hydrogen supply chain. North Africa, Middle East and other exports will provide up to 25 MtH2 supply by 2050.

“There is a need to reassess the conditions for hydrogen’s optimal contribution to European climate neutrality, considering major new trends that have emerged since spring 2021. Important policy and industrial initiatives have now kickstarted the uptake of the European hydrogen economy,” he explained.