Azerbaijani MoD holds briefing for military attaches

Geopolitics Materials 13 September 2022 10:32
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Azerbaijani MoD holds briefing for military attaches

Chief of the International Military Cooperation Department of Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, Major General Huseyn Mahmudov held a briefing for military attaches of foreign countries accredited in Azerbaijan, the ministry told Trend.

According to the ministry, military representatives of foreign countries were provided with detailed information about the large-scale provocations committed by the armed forces of Armenia in the directions of Azerbaijan’s Dashkasan, Kalbajar and Lachin districts.

It was noted that the main purpose of the regular shelling by the Armenian side of Azerbaijani positions in the above directions is to delay the signing of the peace agreement, as well as to slow down the large-scale reconstruction and restoration work carried out in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

It was brought to the attention of international representatives that Azerbaijan is committed to the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020 [signed between Azerbaijani, Russian and Armenian leaders following the second Karabakh war] and is interested in establishing peace in the region by starting the demarcation and delimitation of borders and signing a peace treaty with Armenia.

Besides, it was noted that the opposite side, on the contrary, demonstrates ignorance to the trilateral statement by planting mines in Azerbaijani territories, and the supply roads to Azerbaijan’s military units, which is a clear proof that Armenia takes a position of military adventure and revanchism.

It was also noted that in the territory of Kalbajar and Lachin districts alone, 1,390 anti-personnel mines of the PMN-E type, produced in Armenia in 2019-2021, were found.

Azerbaijani engineer and sapper units in the liberated territories have discovered and destroyed to date a total of 7,559 anti-personnel, 2,348 anti-tank mines and 1,052 unexploded ordnances laid there by the Armenian armed forces.

At the same time, on the night of September 12, Armenian sabotage groups mined the supply roads of Azerbaijani units and the territory between the positions. These actions and the large-scale provocation of Armenia led to military clashes in the Dashkesan, Kalbajar and Lachin directions.

At the briefing, it was especially emphasized that the response measures taken by Azerbaijan are aimed at ensuring the security of combat units, as well as the country's civilians involved in reconstruction and construction work in the liberated territories.

It was once again stated that namely the military-political leadership of Armenia bears all the responsibility for the tension, conflicts and losses caused by the large-scale provocation.