Azerbaijani embassy in France reveals new details of recent attack by Armenian radicals

Geopolitics Materials 21 September 2022 10:01
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Azerbaijani embassy in France reveals new details of recent attack by Armenian radicals

New details of the provocation committed by a group of representatives of the Armenian community of France before the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris have been disclosed, Trend reports via Anadolu.

Correspondents of Anadolu talked with the staff of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in Paris, having learned about the events of the day when the incident took place.

The third secretary and media attache of the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris Gunel Zulfugarova said that the attack by radical representatives of the Armenian community on the diplomatic mission took place at nearly 14:10 (GMT +2) on September 18.

According to Zulfugarova, the number of participants in the provocation reached 40-50 people. Some of them tried to hang photographs of the presidents of Türkiye and Azerbaijan from the embassy building and demonstratively burn them.

"Then they started chanting slogans against Azerbaijan. The Armenians attacked the embassy building and threw eggs at it," she noted.

Then, according to the diplomat, the provocation participants started kicking the doors of the diplomatic mission.

"Three or four people tried to kick down the embassy door," she said.

The police arrived only 30-40 minutes after we received a call. Before the police arrived, the situation only worsened, Zulfugarova pointed out.

The Azerbaijani side has filed an application to determine the amount of damage to the building.

"When the investigation is completed, we'll begin the legal process for damages," she further said.

The diplomat also reminded that representatives of the Armenian community of France repeatedly attacked the Azerbaijani embassy and the Azerbaijani cultural center, causing damage.

Zulfugarova stated that since the attack took place on Sunday, there were employees on duty in the building.

Since they were able to prevent the attackers from entering the diplomatic mission building, no one was hurt, she added.

The first adviser to the embassy Ali Khalafli ​​said that the security guard of the diplomatic mission alone prevented the Armenians from intruding into the building, despite that they broke down the locks.

"We have previously demanded from the relevant institutions to ensure the security of the embassy building, but they considered that there were no sufficient grounds for this," Khalafli said.

According to him, the attackers partially burned photographs of Azerbaijani and Turkish presidents and shouted hostile slogans against Azerbaijan.

The diplomat also said that after the arrival of the police, the demonstration continued more calmly, and then the participants dispersed.

"The incident totally lasted about 50 minutes. After the incident, the police realized the seriousness of the situation and is now on guard here," Khalafli noted.

He further said that the Armenians of France repeatedly tried to organize provocations by burning the flags of Türkiye and Azerbaijan.

On the building of the diplomatic mission, there can be seen traces of eggs, and in front of the building on the street, there is a shell.

A police car is on duty in front of the embassy, ​​police officers check the IDs of persons approaching the building.

On September 18, representatives of the Armenian community in France attacked the Azerbaijani embassy.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to France Rahman Mustafayev, commenting on the attack video on Twitter, said that the French authorities not only don’t protect but also ignore reasonable requests for the safety of the diplomatic mission employees.