Death toll from house collapse in Russia up to six

Geopolitics Materials 4 December 2022 21:53
Moscow, Russia TASS
Death toll from house collapse in Russia up to six

The death toll from the partial collapse of an apartment block in Nizhnevartovsk has risen to six, a source in the local medical services told TASS on Sunday.

"Two more bodies have been found. In all, the death toll is six," he said, adding that clear-up operations continue and there could be more people under the debris.

Earlier, the Russian emergencies ministry reported four deaths.

The accident occurred in a five-storey apartment compound in Nizhnevartovsk on Sunday. Inter-floor structures collapsed between the first, second and third floors. Fifty-two people were evacuated and ten were saved.

According to preliminary data, the collapse was caused by a household gas explosion due to mishandling of a gas cylinder. Its fragments were found in the debris. The house is not connected to the centralized gas supplies system.