Single point moorings at Caspian Pipeline Consortium broke down - CPC

Oil Materials 22 August 2022 13:26
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency Nargiz Sadikhova
Single point moorings at Caspian Pipeline Consortium broke down - CPC

Loading operations at the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) marine terminal are temporarily carried out only through Single-point mooring-3 (SPM), Trend reports via Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).

CPC marine terminal is equipped with single-point moorings, that allow tankers to be safely loaded at a considerable distance from the shore, including in unfavorable weather conditions.

Caspian Pipeline Consortium noted that during the planned maintenance of the SPM-1 and SPM-2 in August 2022 fractures were found in the attachment points of underwater hoses to buoyancy tanks (a hollow, air-filled structure designed to maintain underwater hoses in a given configuration).

A fracture in the connecting plate with a part of the pipe binding of underwater hoses was detected on the buoyancy tank of SPM-1 and on the buoyancy tank of SPM-2 a fracture in a similar connecting plate was detected, and a displacement of the hinge joint at the fracture formation site was also recorded.

The use of one SPM at the present time will allow fulfilling the requests of shippers in reduced volumes.

CPC has developed an appropriate technical task and intends to replace buoyancy tanks with those available in reserve. To perform this operation, a prequalification selection of organizations is made.