Uzbek SANEG company preparing to enter UAE market

Oil Materials 23 December 2022 09:27
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Uzbek SANEG company preparing to enter UAE market

Uzbek SANEG oil company plans to bring its products, in particular, base oils and refined petroleum products, to the UAE market, the company's Corporate Communications Director Igor Gusenkov told Trend.

The exports will be carried out from the company's new multimodal container warehouse.

"Currently, we are allocating land for creating the container site. It will be located near the Samarkand airport," said Gusenkov.

AD Ports Group, a leading Emirati company in international trade, logistics, and industry, and SANEG, one of the largest oil and gas companies in Uzbekistan, signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint enterprise in July of this year. The purpose of the mentioned enterprise is to accelerate the development of logistics, infrastructure, and the service sector in Uzbekistan as well as to bring Uzbek products, in particular SANEG products, to the global market.

"It will be a joint enterprise with the AD Ports Company (UAE). Currently, we are working on developing the regulatory documents as well as the investment plan and budget of the project," Gusenkov said.