Large Turkmen plant exceeds plan for production of urea

Processing Materials 25 August 2022 13:08
Baku, Azerbaijan Trend News Agency
Large Turkmen plant exceeds plan for production of urea

The largest urea plant in Central Asia, Garabogazcarbamide, located in the Balkan region in western Turkmenistan, exceeded the production plan from January through July 2022, Trend reports via “Business Turkmenistan” news agency.

During the reporting period, the plant manufactured over 668,600 tons of urea, exceeding the production plan by 7.6 percent.

The enterprise is designed for the annual production of 1.15 million tons of urea and 660,000 tons of synthetic ammonia. The main raw material here is natural gas.

Last year the factory production volume amounted to more than 989,100 tons of urea fertilizers and 570,400 tons of liquid ammonia.

With the increasing dynamics of the construction of industrial and social facilities in Turkmenistan, the industry is becoming one of the major sectors of the economy, which is given an important role in the implementation of import substitution programs and increasing the export potential of the state.